Our firm accompanies and provides legal counseling to corporates and businesses in all commercial aspects - from the founders and partners agreements, through the fund raising agreements and transactions as well as all the agreements and transactions related to the commercial management of the company or business. We shall assist you in thoroughly understanding the potential risks and legal exposures involved, and will find the ways to abolish or diminish such risks as much as possible so that your interests are well protected in each transaction and agreement.

Among the commercial agreements we handle the following can be found:

  • Private financing and VC investments;
  • Incubator and investment agreements under the incubators program of the Israeli OCS;
  • Licensing, distribution, resale and agency agreements;
  • Service provider, consulting and advisory board agreements;
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements;
  • Tailor-made agreements and arrangements as per the client’s needs.

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